Consulting a Family Law Attorney: A Sensitive Topic

Consulting a Family Law Attorney: A Sensitive Topic

From the desk of Family Law Attorney, Lesley Beam:

Lesley Beam, Family Attorney with Boyer, Hebert, Abels & Angelle understands from her many years representing Family Law clients, that this area of the law is one of the most delicate areas of legal practice, requiring an empathetic and understanding attorney to undertake the oftentimes complex and emotionally-involved issues that require litigation. Family law is a broad practice, but is most commonly associated with divorce, division of property incident to a divorce, child custody, child support, and spousal support (alimony). If you’re in need of a family law attorney in the Lafayette or St. Martin Parish area you’ll want to work with someone who is not only compassionate during this stressful time, but also capable of navigating the procedural complications and difficult legal issues associated with this practice.

A competent family law attorney in Lafayette LA area should have the specialized skills required to bring such litigation to a satisfying and equitable conclusion. Intelligence and knowledge of precedent and legal literature are vital, as well as intangible qualities such as capable negotiation skills and the ability to communicate and argue effectively in a courtroom setting.  An effective family law attorney will be sensitive to the needs of the client, and consistently provide the client with thorough advice regarding his or her goals, so that the client can be an active participant in his or her outcome.

For example, in cases involving child custody, a family law attorney in the Lafayette LA area should be familiar with all options for bringing custody disputes to a conclusion which may be beneficial before resorting to scheduling the matter for trial, including but not limited to pursuit of family counseling, mediation, or retention of a professional evaluator to analyze the case and determine the most beneficial arrangement for the child. A competent family law attorney in a child custody case will always be aware of the court’s goal of determining the child’s best interests while utilizing all the legal possibilities to secure a satisfying conclusion for the client.

If you find yourself dealing with the sensitive topic of family law and in need of an attorney in Lafayette or St. Martin Parish, consider a consultation with Lesley Beam with the law firm of Boyer, Hebert, Abels & Angelle.  Quality representation is just a call away at 337-332-0616.

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