Biker Safety and Personal Injury: Sharing the Road Safely

Biker Safety and Personal Injury: Sharing the Road Safely

With the warm summer months just around the corner, motorcycle enthusiasts across the country are working to educate drivers and other bikers on how to safely share the road. Bikers, when they are involved in an accident with a larger vehicle, often suffer serious injury requiring the services of a personal injury attorney. Bikers are largely unprotected against the impact from a vehicle and, despite wearing protective gear, often incur injuries that include broken bones, road rash and more.

It is important for both bikers and drivers to be equally aware of how they can reduce the number of motorcycle accidents. Bikers benefit from taking safety classes where they can learn to drive defensively and understand how to properly react when another driver compromises their safety. Of course, Louisiana bikers should always wear protective gear to minimize the physical impact of a potential accident. Retaining the services of a car accident lawyer can be a stressful experience in which the litigants have many questions, though experienced attorneys can put their clients’ mind at ease with thoughtful and professional service.

It is easy to miss a motorcycle, so it is best to double check mirrors and lanes before turning. Often, bikes can be hidden in blind spots, so drivers should be particularly vigilant in the warmer months when there are more bikers on the road. Even one moment of distraction can cause a serious accident, so drivers must protect themselves and others by putting their phones down while behind the wheel.

In addition to being cognizant of motorcycles, larger vehicle drivers should be aware of an increased emphasis on bicycles on or near the road. Recent expansions of bike lanes in Lafayette, LA, and a growing biking culture, have placed renewed emphasis on bike awareness for drivers of cars or trucks.

Despite education and effort, motorcycle accidents do still occur, and a biker may suffer a serious injury. When this happens, it is important to retain a car accident lawyer if there is the possibility of seeking financial compensation to cover potentially expensive medical need. Negligent or distracted drivers can cause serious harm, and they can be held accountable for their dangerous actions on Louisiana roads and highways.